Energy Agency Southern Sweden

Owned by municipalities and regions in Blekinge, Kalmar, Kronoberg and Skåne counties in the southern part of Sweden, our regional energy agency aims to support and facilitate improvements in energy efficiency and increase the supply of renewable energy sources, through initiatives and activities towards private and public operators.


The goal for our activities and initiatives is that local and regional energy and climate targets are reached, thus creating conditions for achieving the goals on national and EU level.


To be able to support our vision of a sustainable energy system in our region we have a wide range of expertise. Our experts have technical knowledge within sustainable transports and fuels, energy efficient housing and building, biomass for heat and power, solar energy, wind power and much more. Our field of expertise also covers knowledge in behavioural changes, strategic planning, sustainable procurement, circular economy, and sustainable business development.  


We support the public sector and the regional businesses by taking initiatives and manage projects, helping them transform into sustainable operations. We do this in several ways, strategically and operationally, in different types of collaboration and development projects. Our overall objective is to change and improve society from an energy and sustainability perspective. 

Since the start in 1999, we have always been impartial, and we have no profit motive. We are one of sixteen regional energy agencies in Sweden, and we have been an active partner in the national organisation Energikontor Sverige and FEDARENE since the start.  

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Through the years we have created a wide network and a firm local and regional knowledge about the energy system and all its key actors. This gives us a unique possibility to facilitate processes, create cooperation’s and valuable synergies. We have a wide experience of collaborating in as well as leading projects financed by various EU programmes.

We are always interested to share our knowledge and experiences with others and to gain new knowledge to better be able to support our region and we are very interested to cooperate with energy agencies and regions all over Europe. You are welcome to contact us any time, and perhaps we can find inspiring opportunities together.

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See a selection of notable projects in the past

  • CoBiUM (Interreg South Baltic)  Better knowledge of, and increased use of cargo bikes in urban traffic (2018-2021)
  • Act Now! (Interreg Baltic Sea) For energy efficiency improvements in public buildings (2017-2021) 
  • Baltic InteGrid (Interreg Baltic Sea) exploring the potential of meshed offshore grids for the Baltic Sea region (2016-2019) 
  • Biogas Action (Horizon 2020, EU) Promoting the production of sustainable biogas throughout the EU. (2016-2018) 
  • BioMethane Regions (Intelligent Energy Europe) Promoting bio-methane production from the region's prospects. (2011-2014) 
  • Cirtoinno (Interreg South Baltic) To increase the innovativeness of blue and green tourism small and medium entrepreneurships by integrating circular economy into their services, products and business models. (2016-2019)
  • Clean Drive (Intelligent Energy Europe) Introducing clean vehicles to the market (2010-2013) 
  • Clean Tech International (Interreg South Baltic, ERDF) Developing Clean Tech business in the south Baltic area. (2016-2019)
  • CO2mmunity  (Interreg Baltic Sea) to facilitate community energy project development as part of a transition to renewable energy sources (2017-2020) 
  • EcoStars (Intelligent Energy Europe) Fleet recognition scheme for environmentally friendly fleet operators. (2011-2014) 
  • ELMOS (Interreg South Baltic, ERDF) Introducing electric mobility as intermodal transport mean in small and medium sized cities in the South Baltic Area. (2011-2014) 
  • EnercitEE (Interreg IVC, ERDF) European networks experience and recommendations helping cities and citizens to become energy efficient. (2010-2013) 
  • Energy Neighbourhood 1 + 2, (Intelligent Energy for Europe), Energy saving challenge for neighbourhoods (2007-2010, 2011-2013) 
  • ENERSELVES  (Interreg Europe) Promote new policies or improve existing policies to support the integration of renewable energy (2017-2020) 
  • Low Carbon Logistics (Interreg South Baltic, ERDF) Investigate, test and implement solutions to reduce freight transports. (2016-2019)
  • Night Hawks (Intelligent Energy Europe) Reducing night time energy waste. (2013-2015) 
  • NZB 2021 (Intelligent Energy Europe) Open door campaign for nearly zero energy houses (2012-2015) 
  • READY (Smart Cities, FP7, EU ) Resource efficient cities implementing advanced smart city solutions. (2014-2019) 
  • RES-Chains (Interreg South Baltic, ERDF) Promoting sustainable renewable energy supply chains. (2009-2014) 
  • Save@Work (Horisont 2020) Energy saving campaign for public office buildings (2015-2017)
  • SESAC (Concerto, FP 6, EU) - Sustainable Energy Systems in Advanced Cities. (2005-2011)  
  • SIMWOOD (FP7, EU) Sustainable innovative mobilisation of wood. (2013-2017) 
  • Small Scale CHP (Life+ EU) Demonstrates different techniques for small-scale combined heat and electricity production. (2014-2019) 
  • Street Light EPC (Intelligent Energy Europe) triggering the market uptake of energy performance contracting through street lighting refurbishments projects (2014-2017)
  • TRIS (Interreg Europe) Transition Regions towards Industrial Symbiosis  (2016-2021)
  • YEP (Intelligent Energy Europe) Young energy teams in schools investigate the energy usage in school (2007-2010)